I have a medium sized dog boarding facility on five plus acres in the Burlington area of southeast Wisconsin, just north of Wilmot. With six foot chain link indoor/ outdoor fencing, plenty of room to run with extra fenced play yards. The dogs are kept kenneled inside  and get plenty of time outside as well weather permitting. Fantastic socialization along with 24-by-7 loving care. Mostly I board the dogs and puppies I have sold to homes within driving distance. But I also will accept well socialized family pets from in the area or that are visiting the area that are up to date on all their vaccinations and are traveling with proof of those vaccinations as well. The dogs are  kept in clean heated ,well taken care of runs that they can go outside . If well socialized I will let them go outside to play with dogs and puppies around their same age. If they just  don’t get along so well there is  space to have their own private area to run and play in. I treat them as I would my own , so they get plenty of attention.

The boarding fee’s are figured by each day they stay, not by the night. Please make sure you call and get your reservation early during the holidays and summer vacation time because there is only so much room available .I require that you bring your dogs shot records from your vet as well as their food so they do not get an upset tummy and get the runs from another brand of food. I also ask that you bring their favorite toy or bone as they can have this in their run with them.

Boarding fees are (1/2015) small dogs and med (eng cocker) : $20.00      large : $25.00 , xtra large: $30.00 .They get cared for all day long and not kept crated for the day. When the weather is good they spend most of the day outside playing with the others or lounging in the sun if the choose to. Water and shelter/shade is always available for them. If the weather is bad they do get offered to go outside once every 2 hours. Otherwise the indoor run area offers plenty of room to stretch.

Hours are by appointment. scheduled grooming , drop offs and pick ups.

If you want to visit  please call and make sure we are here as it is not a store front but my home business.